Princeton University Dining Embarks on a New Vision and launches an innovative Teaching Kitchen

Princeton University Campus Dining brings together expertise in the culinary, wellness, sustainability, procurement and hospitality to develop innovative programs in support of their diverse and vibrant community.

The award-winning food program is based on scientific and evidence based principles of healthy and sustainable menus prepared by the culinary team.

In honor of National Food Day, Campus Dining held its inaugural Princeton Teaching Kitchen program in celebration of National Food Day. Following the Food Day theme of “Apple Crunch,” Brad Ortega, Executive Chef of  Butler and Wilson dining halls, and Rick Piancone, Executive Chef of Rockefeller and Mathey dining halls, led demonstrations of dishes that featured apples.

Executive Director Smitha Haneef introduced the program to an online and in-person audience, explaining that the concept of a teaching kitchen to advance health and transform lifestyle is embedded in years of research by some of the best physicians and nutritionists.

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