With over twenty years experience working with search committees, hiring authorities, and other campus stakeholders, JDRQUEST’s personalized approach focuses on understanding each institution’s culture and organization, ensuring that top candidates will advance the mission and goals of the institution and also be a good ‘cultural’ fit — a guarantee for long-term success.

We have a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. We leverage our affiliations with leading diversity organizations such as the Women in Higher Education, Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, Association for Black Culture Centers, and Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. We scout candidates from Diversity Inc.’s top 50 list of companies known for diversity and inclusion.

We reach diverse candidates by meeting them where they are – participating in conferences and reaching out to networking groups, alumni associations, and other groups that already function as a hub for diversity. While ethnic and gender diversity are a key components we also broaden our reach to ensure that we present a mix of top talent with varied educational and professional backgrounds, perspectives, thoughts and ideas.

Areas of Expertise

Campus/Auxiliary Services
Dining & Food
Facilities/Physical Plant
Human Resources
IT Communications
Marketing & Public Relations
Residence Life/ Housing
Safety and Security

Higher Education Clients

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