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Executive Chef, Williams College

Client: Williams College
Position: Executive Chef
Location: Williamstown, MA

The Executive Chef collaborates with Operations Managers, Unit Managers, Supervisors, and First Cooks to develop, create, test and implement menus, offerings and culinary programming. Serves as the supervising manager of the Mission Park Production Kitchen, Bakery, and Inventory Assistants.

Key Functions:

  • Ensures compliance with Food Safety audits, observes and coaches, providing guidance to staff to ensure quality standards are being met.
  • Plans, identifies, communicates, and delegates appropriate responsibilities and practices to team members to ensure smooth flow of operations, creates efficiencies in production and service areas and makes recommendations for equipment purchases.
  • Organizes, directs, and controls food preparation and service in a dining services operation which may include more than one unit. This includes food handling, portion sizes, and overall serving and presentation of food. Inspects food for taste, appearance, and consistency.
  • Identifies and introduces new culinary techniques
  • Inspects, ensures routine maintenance is performed, and communicates needs for maintenance or repairs of all supplies, equipment in work areas, Audits, trains, coaches, and ensures that the team complies with health and food safety standards and regulations
  • Supervises and/or ensures the completion of proactive and responsive food ordering, receiving, waste reduction, product management
  • Collaborates well with other managers, departments, and partners on campus. Listens and communicates well and model’s warm professionalism to their team, acts as a role model to staff during periods of high volume or unusual events and manages smooth transitions thereafter to keep the unit operating to standard and to set a positive example for the operation, sets goals for the workgroup, develops organizational capability, and models how we work together
  • Interviews, trains, supervises, performance manages, coaches, transfers, suspends, promotes, assigns work, rewards and disciplines alongside with the Associate Dining Director, Adjusts employee disputes within college policies along with Associate Dining Director
  • Team management and organization in assigning duties based on need for dining meals, events, etc.
  • Reinforces, coaches, and performance manages standards for personnel performance and guest service as well as directs the work of other employees, and evaluates employees engaged in cooking, food preparation, or service work.
  • Oversees accurate monthly inventories for areas under purview, utilizes management information tools and analyzes financial reports to identify and address trends and issues in unit performance.
  • Report costs, understands budget, responds to budgetary directives.
  • Provides oversight of the food budget and makes necessary adjustments in response to volume and price fluctuations consistent with attaining unit goals.
  • Ensures positive and transparent relationships with all collaborations, builds relationships and fosters collaboration with strategic partners on campus, in industry, and fellow colleges and universities, Models teamwork, collaboration, and positive relationships with all colleagues, departments, vendors, partners, and guests.


Education & Experience:
  • Minimum of five years of kitchen knowledge in food preparation, presentation, sourcing and purchasing.
  • Degree in food service or culinary certificate from accredited school.
  • Proven ability to train and lead a team.

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