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Current Positions


Assistant Director, Campus Dining, Vanderbilt University – Nashville, Tennessee.
As a key member of the Campus Dining Team, the Assistant Director assumes a strategic role in the overall planning and management of Campus Dining’s large-scale, self-operated dining program. The Assistant Director provides Campus Dining with expertise in dining and hospitality management, procurement and purchasing, sustainability, nutrition initiatives, culinary trends and overall program development. The Assistant Director will be responsible for the daily operations of multiple dining facilities, which combined have annual operating budgets of up to 9.5 million and management of 150+ full time, unionized staff and 50+ student employees, serving over 5,000 meals daily. This position is responsible for monitoring financial and budgetary transactions to ensure efficient operations and expenditures within budget guidelines. This position leads their management team and staff by example, with respect and an orientation of servant-leadership. This includes the development of a student centered dining community where excellence is the standard, diversity is embraced and learning is enhanced.
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About the Campus Dining Department:
Vanderbilt Campus Dining takes pride in the culinary creations served from our kitchens. Our Dining program is highly decorated, the winner of many prestigious awards in the food service industry, including Best On-Site Food Service Operation in the Nation, Best Food Service Operator, the prestigious Ivy Award, and many more. We have 4 main dining centers, 10 restaurants and cafes, 6 convenience stores, and we employ over 300 employees.

Key Functions and Expected Performance:
· Manage the daily operations of multiple dining facilities, which include a management team (5+) and hourly employees (150+).
· Determines strategies for achieving department goals; promotes quality performance and financial feasibility.
· Ability to read, interpret and implement long and short-term planning in response to data.
· Develop strategic plans that include financial targets, innovative dining concepts and service-delivery strategies.
· Creates, directs and alters operations to meet financial goals and objectives, audits fiscal performance continually.
· Provides strong hands-on leadership in developing and directing a cohesive, respectful team.
· Assures services and products offered by Campus Dining meet high-quality standards.
· Develops and implements policies and procedures for operations, which include purchasing guidelines, hours of operations and daily job training to improve operational success.
· Lead staff in the department’s commitment to continually maximizing the procurement of local and sustainable products, minimizing waste, introducing green initiatives, and reducing the impact on our environment.
· Prepare retail menus, pricing and operational guidelines that maintain customer satisfaction and a positive budgetary balance.
· Monitor computerized food service systems in menu planning, purchasing, inventory, recipe development, payment and accounting.
· Actively participate in the student employment program, which includes recruiting, training and scheduling effectiveness.
· Consult with administrative staff to develop policies and procedures, evaluate existing policies and procedures, and develop measures of continuous improvement.
· Direct the education, training and professional development of management and hourly staff.
· Assess and establish efficient workflow and organization of foodservice locations to ensure maximum productivity, safety and sanitation. This includes developing systems to oversee health code compliance, maintenance and repairs.
· Assess customer feedback of service quality. Respond to findings with continuous improvement in processes and programs.
· Know, understand, and ensure compliance with Collective Bargaining Contract. This includes direct supervision and documentation of all disciplinary processes.
· Responsible for all administrative and human-resource functions of the business, including recruiting new employees, job training and monitoring employee performance.

Supervisory Relationships:
This position has supervisory responsibility; this position reports to the Director of Operations.

Experience and Education:
This position requires a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 8 years of food operations management experience, at least 4 years in a leadership role.

Preferred Education, Skills and Experience:
· The successful candidate will be financially and technologically knowledgeable, innovative, customer focused, and a collaborative leader.
· Strong planning, analysis, and management skills that balance strategic, industry, business, and financial factors; ability to read, analyze, and interpret financial statements and/or comprehensive financial reports.
· Strong organization skills and the ability to manage simultaneous projects and supervisory responsibilities, often under limited time constraints.
· Strong leadership skills, experience leading and developing staff members.
· Collaboration skills; and a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and collaborative decision making in the workplace

Key Characteristics of a Successful Manager in this Unit:
· Integrity – Holds oneself accountable; takes responsibility for failures as well as successes, recognizes that trust is required to hold a team together.
· Naturally Communicates – Readily shares information and is comfortable working within a highly collaborative team. Communicates proactively. Understands that open communication and the sharing of knowledge is fundamental to the success of the team. Asks for advice, and considers it thoughtfully.
· Sharing – Shares information. Communicates proactively. Transmits knowledge; recognizes that “knowledge is power” is less effective than “sharing knowledge is power.” Asks for advice, and considers it thoughtfully.
· Works through Issues – Recognizes that the work is about successful outcomes. If things aren’t going well, outcomes suffer. Is willing to have crucial conversations if things aren’t going well. Doesn’t just complain to management, does everything possible to remedy the situation directly first.

Key Characteristics of Successful Managers at Vanderbilt University
Accountability and Execution
· Holds everyone in the workgroup accountable for accomplishing the outcomes of the unit.
· Let’s the buck stop with them; owns the outcomes for the work units and doesn’t throw subordinates under the bus if things go wrong.
· Practices what they preach; doesn’t set expectations of others that they don’t live up to themselves.
· Pitches in to help the team when it really needs help.

Coaching and Developing Staff/Nurturing a Team
· Ensures that team members have the tools and resources to do their jobs.
· Praises publicly and is genuinely appreciative of the accomplishments of members of the team.
· Criticizes privately and focuses more on how to do it better next time than how it went wrong this time.
· Willingly shares expertise with team members; actively coaches.
· Is clear with deliverables and outcomes needed but allows members of the team to tackle problems in the way they see fit, without micromanaging every process.
· Cares about their employees as people, not just resources.
· Makes Vanderbilt a fun place to work. Enhances comradery, builds trust and invites members of the work group to be their authentic selves.
· Addresses problems among the workgroup quickly when they arise rather than letting them fester.

Decision Making
· Makes decisions, even in the face of incomplete information, rather than avoiding making decisions.
· Seeks first to understand before making decisions. Doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later.
· Solicits input from a diverse group of individuals including members of the work group, other stakeholders and critics, when faced with complex challenges, before making a decision.

Personal Learning
· Thinks creatively when tackling a challenge; questions the status quo in search of better ways. Looks for insights and assesses risks.
· Is willing to course correct if things aren’t going as planned, even after decisions have been made and communicated.
· Welcomes inquiry and recognizes mistakes as learning opportunities.
· Is willing to learn from their direct reports.

Setting and Communicating Strategy and Direction
· Shares a clear vision for the work of the unit and is clear about outcomes are expected.
· Provides clear guidance and direction, doesn’t change direction with the wind. Communicates in ways that are clear and succinct, rather than confusing or ambiguous.
· Communicates early and often, even as information is evolving.
Champions the work unit’s causes and makes compelling business cases for its needs.

Review of resumes will commence immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Resumes should be directed to Erika Sarcinelli:
For further information regarding this position please contact Josh Reich:

Director of Dining Services, Williams College – Williamstown, Massachusetts.
The Director of Dining Services (Director) is the chief steward of a complex food service enterprise that is guided by principles of quality, community, diversity, sustainability, holistic wellbeing, and safety. They will lead a large and diverse collection of units that touch all aspects of student and campus community life at this academically rigorous, residential liberal arts college. Reporting directly to the Vice President for Campus Life, the Director will be an experienced, student-centered visionary with substantial professional experience in all aspects of running a multi-disciplinary enterprise in a highly demanding environment.

The Director will have highly developed and effective relational skills, with a natural ability and passion for working closely with students, staff, and faculty across campus. They will bring substantial demonstrated experience in working effectively and affirmatively with a broadly diverse customer base and staff. To that end, the College has a strong preference for candidates with significant experience in complex higher education dining service enterprises.

The Director will inherit a self-operated program with an operating budget of over $12 million, and a staff of approximately 120 full- and part-time staff who are led by a seasoned senior management team. The College is seeking a leader who has the ability to mentor this team effectively to achieve even greater results in the coming years in the areas of fiscal management and robust business practices, culinary creativity and authenticity, and sustainable food procurement and waste reduction strategies. Highly qualified candidates will present a strong track record of expertise in complex fiscal system management and results-oriented budget stewardship.

Two aspects of the broad diversity of the Williams community have special bearing on the complexity of the department’s work: the diverse racial/ethnic/international backgrounds of our students, faculty and staff and the socio-economic diversity of our student body. The College’s various dining operations provide multiple physical hubs for the building and sustaining of community 19 hours per day during the academic year, and in service of a significant Conferences and events program over the summer. In this way, the Director and their team are responsible for the physical and developmental well-being and academic success of all students.
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Position Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities:
· Leading the Dining Services staff and operations in all aspects of providing high-quality foodservice for the campus community.
· Taking primary responsibility for developing and managing the Dining Services budget; analyzing and interpreting financial data including forecasting, benchmarking, and regular financial reports; holding management accountable for fiscal outcomes.
· Leading the ongoing evolution of building the Dining program with an emphasis on quality, community, diversity, sustainability, holistic wellbeing, and food safety.
· Taking primary responsibility for developing and monitoring progress of the department’s operations and strategic planning.
· Establishing and overseeing departmental purchasing and procurement guidelines.
· Establishing a departmental culture of exceptional customer service.
· Establishing and maintaining effective collaborative relationships with colleagues at all levels of the College.
· Taking primary responsibility for adhering to all appropriate health and safety regulations.
· Participating in multi-pronged Community Life divisional strategies that promote student success at Williams.

Minimum Qualifications
· Bachelor’s degree in hospitality, food and nutrition, business, or an equivalent combination of experience and credentialing.
· Minimum of eight years of experience in a multi-unit food service enterprise with increasing levels of management responsibility.

Preferred Qualifications
· Master’s Degree in a relevant field.
· Experience leading a collegiate food service dining program.
· Training and/or certification in nutritional science and principles.
· Training or certification in sanitation and/or food safety.

Successful candidates must possess the following:
· Demonstrated successful supervisory, leadership, management, and team-building skills.
· Strong decision-making ability, organizational, budgetary, and fiscal management skills.
· Experience working with food management inventory and point-of-sale systems.
· Possess excellent interpersonal skills including oral and written communication and presentation skills.
· Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, customers and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Williams is committed to enriching its educational experience and its culture through the diversity of its faculty and staff. Our expectation is that the successful candidate will excel at working in a community that is broadly diverse with regard to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion. Applicants should highlight relevant experience with building, working with, and supporting a broadly diverse and inclusive community.

Beyond meeting fully its legal obligations for non-discrimination, Williams is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community where members from all backgrounds can live, learn, and thrive.

Employment at Williams is contingent on the verification of background information submitted by the applicant, including the completion of a criminal record check, and education when applicable.

Review of resumes will commence immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Resumes should be directed to Erika Sarcinelli:
For further information regarding this position please contact Josh Reich:

Executive Chef, University Catering, University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame, Indiana
The primary objective of the University Catering Executive Chef is to create and maintain a food identity equal to the demands of our highly distinguished clients and student base alike. This position is a working and supervisory management position. This position empowers the University Catering Executive Chef to make on the spot management decisions as they relate to the appearance and quality of all food products, the security of our perishable and equipment assets, and the productivity and quality of work performed by all kitchen employees. The University Catering Executive Chef is expected to both lead and participate in decisions and discussions that have operational and financial implications.

As the culinary leader, the Catering Chef will serve as a member of the Council of Chefs and oversee daily operations of Catering inclusive of the following: Concept and menu creation, purchasing specifications, receiving, storage, inventory, production, clean up, event re-cap and all associated documentation.

Staffing, training, general leadership, food and environmental safety and sanitation, as well as meeting financial obligations as set forth by yearly budgets are all components of this dynamic position.
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Position Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities:
· Operational Success: Promotes and fosters a culture of cooperation, continuous improvement, sustainability and healthy nutritional practices.
· Human Resources Management: Recruits, hires, trains and supervises NDH culinary managers, sous chefs and garde manger and ensures that all are following human resource policies and practices, are acting consistent with the University’s core values.
· Safety and Sanitation
· Food Production Quality
· Recipe and Menu Development

Financial Accountability:
· Fosters, monitors, and ensures a culture of financial accountability throughout the entire CCE operation in conjunction with the Senior Executive Chef.
· Develops accurate, annual and monthly budgets and quarterly forecasts. Ensures business transactions are properly controlled and recorded, including sales, purchases and inventory.
· Provides input into department goals, strategies, and prioritization of resources and actively supports effective positive working relationships within all of Campus Dining and with University students, departments, faculty/staff and guests.

Minimum Qualifications
· Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) in Hospitality, Food Service, Management, Culinary Management or related field in culinary principles and management.
· 5 to 6 years’ experience.
· Understanding of and strong commitment to the role of community dining in support of the University’s residential mission.
· Strong ability to manage and promote a safe work environment.
· Exceptional verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills necessary to interact effectively with a diverse group that includes students, staff, faculty, parents, and the public.
· Effective planning, organizing, and time management skills.
· Ability to anticipate and solve problems. Experience in staff management within the context of a diverse and inclusive environment.

Preferred Qualifications
· SERVSAFE, Aller-Train and National Restaurant Association Sanitation certification (must be obtained within 3 months of hire).
· Certified Executive Chef (C.E.C.) designation (must be obtained within 1 year of hire).
· Working knowledge of university dining program business systems (CBORD, FMS, LeanPath, NetNutrition, Banner, etc.), budget development process, sound accounting practices applied to purchasing and inventory, cost control methods and strategies for food, labor, and other operating expense, and profit & loss responsibilities.

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Executive Director for Faculty Student Association, Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, New York
The Executive Director is the Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation (FSA) reporting to the President of the Board of Directors. The position is responsible for establishing a strategic vision, in conjunction with the Board, and provides leadership for the corporation with emphasis on the continued development, refinement and implementation of services delivered. The incumbent will ensure FSA services contribute to the quality of campus life in a flexible, efficient and responsive manner to support the mission of the Stony Brook campus in response to evolving stakeholder needs and institutional priorities, while ensuring FSA and affiliates provide superior value, excellence and service.

The incumbent is responsible for understanding and advocating the issues of the diverse Campus constituencies as they relate to FSA’s contractual services and for being the senior representative of FSA. In consultation with the Board, the incumbent leads the planning processes for long/short term strategic goals and priorities using evidence-based decision-making. The incumbent is an ex-officio member of the FSA Board of Directors.
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Position Responsibilities:

· Reporting to the president of the FSA and with advice and consent of the Board, incumbent develops short and long term vision and strategic plans which align with FSAs Mission and Values
· Ensures strategic objectives are defined, communicated to senior management, and measured for progress using best practices and data analysis
· Develops FSA corporation policies to align with legal requirements, university vision and mission and FSA goals
· Recruits, retains, and develops a team of qualified, dedicated professionals aligned with vision and mission objectives

· Coordinates with contracted vendors’ senior management to ensure they deliver best-in-class service for FSA constituents with a focus on value, quality and service
· Oversees FSAs senior management to ensure continuous improvement in daily operations for areas related to FSA contracts including food services, books, retail, and other applicable auxiliary services
· Develops staff recruitment plans, training programs, and professional development opportunities to build a best in class staff and management team for FSA
· Manages FSA’s senior staff to ensure FSA remains in compliance with all applicable finance, employment, health and safety, and facility requirements (among others)

Service Delivery
· Has a laser focus on ensuring high levels of service delivery and continuous improvement processes
· Exemplifies a can-do attitude with regard to service delivery 24/7/365

· Oversees CFO and ensures disciplined budget development process, budgetary management reports, and compliance with applicable rules (i.e Federal, State SUNY, FSA etc.)
· Develops budget discipline based on both increased revenue generation and expense management and ensures required surplus levels are met
· Ensures contracted sponsorship programs meet desired levels

· Ensures facility plans are operationalized to meet current and future FSA services
· Oversees the FSA facility leadership and staff to develop current facility needs and engages long-range planning for future needs

· Builds a culture of diversity (in all its forms), ensuring respect, dignity, and inclusion for internal and external constituents

Creativity and Innovation
· Brings a zeal for creative problem solving and zest for innovation

Required Education, Skills and Experience
· Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field required
· Auxiliary service success with an emphasis on broad scale food service business acumen and in-depth knowledge of food operations to guide Campus Dining and FSA staff to achieve goals
· Knowledge / experience of contemporary trends in retail services on campus or other high-volume, high-quality food service/hospitality operation is also required
· At least seven years of experience with progressively greater levels of managerial/administrative responsibility and accountability managing $30M or greater complex auxiliary service/business operations in high-volume, high-quality service operations
· Demonstrated ability to build and lead a team and mentor staff to meet expectations and grow in the organization
· Demonstrated exemplary performance at managing multiple priorities and success at achieving goals. Experience with information technology that applies to management of the campus businesses and in facility renovation projects and monitoring campus facility maintenance activities
· Excellent interpersonal (i.e. verbal and written), and financial skills for communication with institutional partners, contract providers and campus governance

Preferred Education, Skills and Experience:
· Master’s Degree preferred.
· Experience successfully leading marketing, communications, public relations activities and social media. Successfully leading contract compliance activities
· Supervising Human Resources and Labor Relations
· Proven experience in transformational leadership
· At least seven years’ experience overseeing Auxiliary Enterprise commercial operations, preferably with contracted operations in college or university setting

Position Reports to: The Executive Director reports directly to the President of the Board of Directors.
Reporting to this Position: The CFO and six other members of the leadership team report directly to this position.

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Managing Director and Sr. Regional Director Operations, The Red Lion Inn – Massachusetts
Lead, supervise and develop the performance of all departments including Front Office, Sales, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Security, Reservations and Maintenance to insure the highest possible levels of guest satisfaction in a cost-efficient manner. Assist Leadership Team in creating, implementing, sustaining and evolving the culture of Main Street Hospitality on the property level for employees and guests.
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Specialized Experience and Knowledge:
Bachelor of Science Degree, Hospitality Management
At least 5+ years’ experience within the hotel industry in Hotel Management, including extensive full
service Food and Beverage management experience

Proficiency in Word, and Excel
Experience with hotel operation systems
Skillful in project planning/tasks, budgeting and able to prioritize and multi-task projects
Self-starter able to work creatively.

Talented and dynamic person who is able to energize the entire property team with an enthusiastic
and infectious attitude for hospitality.
Proactive and result driven.
Team play and a hands-on approach to the daily needs of the hotel
Accountable and self-motivated

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Regional Director of Sales, Main Street Hospitality. Stockbridge, Massachusetts
The Regional Director of Sales directs, coordinates and supervises all Sales Office personnel in all sales-related activities, including direct sales efforts, follow-up, and proper sales administration. The Director of Sales is responsible for growing existing accounts and generating new business for both the Rooms Department and the Food and Beverage Department in order to maximize revenue and profits for The Red Lion Inn, The Porches Inn, Hotel on North and other entities as directed.
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Bachelor of Science Degree, Hospitality Management
At least 5+ sales experience within the hotel industry in Hotel Management

Proficiency in Outlook, Word and Excel
Experience with hotel operation systems
Skillful in project planning/tasks, budgeting and able to prioritize and multi-task projects
Self-starter able to work creatively and independently
Can work independently and lead a team

Talented and dynamic person who is able to energize the entire property team with an enthusiastic
and infectious attitude for hospitality.
Proactive and result driven.
Team play and a hands-on approach to the daily needs of the hotel
Accountable, self-motivated, focused and organized

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